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Rick and Nellie Heavisides
Telephone: 07903 851419

Rick and Nellie are available for work all year round; a list of engagements can be seen on the diary page.
Should you wish for a specific date, it is wise to book in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Our current fees are £350 per day plus travel and accommodation expenses plus vat.  However,  fees are negotiable dependent upon date, venue and distance travelled.

Please e-mail or ring us for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi
    Rick and Helen
    Just came across your info and it brought back many happy memories of my time at Rosslyn Chapel and of your many visits of cours. I still have your pattern for mediavel tent never got round to making it though.
    We are now living in Burntisland Fife having been retired for many many years. Let me know if you are ever back in Scotland performing as we would love to see you again
    Best Wishes Judy

    • Hi Judy,
      Thank you for your kind words. We don’t often play in Scotland but we’re at Traquair House this summer and hope to return next year. Keep an eye on our diary page and it will be posted ther if we are booked to return.
      Kind regards,
      Nellie and Rick Heavisides

  2. Hi there. Strange as it seems with the time spent online these days I never thought to search for you. As a young family we were members of English Heritage, we had the delight of seeing you perform on a few occasions and, ageing us, bought Empire Lines on cassette. This accompanied us on every outing and holiday for too many years to contemplate.
    Similar to other comments posted we ‘lost’ the cassette to a savage car tape mechanism and being irreparably damaged was disposed of.
    I’ve searched on AppleMusic and cannot find your presence. This is extremely disheartening (especially based on some ‘music’ that exists there).
    We were reminiscing and yourselves, and specifically Empire Lines, was fondly remembered.
    Do you have any copies, in any medium at all, available to purchase?
    I must add that our children, now 24 & 22, albeit having differing musical tastes still remember and miss listening to your wonderful music.
    If you no longer reproduce music then, as they say, ce’st la vie. But thank you for the happiest of memories you’ve supplied.
    Roy Howard

    • Hi Roy,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Unfortunately we no longer sell CDs or cassettes as we do not perform as much as we once did and actually consider ourselves more live performers than recording artists – recording was always a painful process for us! Sadly, we do not have any copies of our music in a format we can let you have either. I would be scared to listen to it after all this time. Best left in the past I believe!
      Thank you for cheering up my day.

      Kind regards,
      Nellie (Helen)

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