This programme uses medieval antiphons for a spiritual Christmas. It uses bells, harp, voices, and symphonie to play a selection of music from the 11th and 12th Centuries. Covering Spain, Aquitaine, Scandinavia, Angolorum, Allemangne and Ireland the music explores the ceremony of Epiphany, Yule or Noel and Advent set alongside the Christian ideas of the Crusades and pilgrimage.  Enjoy this journey through an important Christian time of celebration.


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This presentation is not so Christian.
Many of the tunes in this programme will be familiar to the audience, but possibly not as they are remembered today. Learn about the instruments of the time seen here playing music: the real meaning of the word carol; discover advent hymns and hear how the Tudors celebrated this festive tide with a combination of religious and pagan tradition tightly entwined to make this a truly infectious presentation.


“With pomp and ceremony” is perhaps the best way to describe this presentation of advent hymns from the 18th century. This presentation takes the audience from the formality of Handel’s ‘Messiah’, through the parables in the bible to the playful wassailers on the streets. Using sagbut, oboe, tabor, fiddle, ‘cello, harp, hurdy-gurdy, pipe and tabor and bagpipes this programme sets the scene for a warming Christmas celebration Georgian style.


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Much of the music used today in our Christmas celebrations owes it’s survival to the evergreen movement of the Victorian period where songs from times gone by were resurrected with new words added for this progressive century. It would be a surprise to hear anyone who claims not to know any of these old favourites played here on banjo, harmonium, fiddle, concertina, oboe, clarinet and harmonica.

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