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We no longer sell our CDs but you can listen to a selection of tracks from your various recordings.  We hope you enjoy them!

Tracks from Haloriana, 16th Century music, (recorded 1992)

Ce Mois De Mai, Clement Janequi,

Spanish Pavan/Black Almain, Thoinot Arbeau 1589


Tracks from Stella Splendens, 14th and 15th Century music (recorded 1994)

Gratiosa,  Gugliemo Ebreo, Italy, 15th Century

Sexte Estampie Real – 14th Century French


Tracks from Empire Lines, 19th Century, (recorded 1994)

The Banks of the Dee, Tait 1775

La Capuccina/Cotillon, William Vickers 1770

9 thoughts on “Listen to our Music

  1. When will you update your music with CDs again? I have a lonely cassette that needs to be updated before my cassette player dies!
    Sat in front of the fire listening to st George’s carol and thinking this is a beautiful combination but tapes don’t last!

  2. One of my favourite memories is of sitting with my 5 year old son in front of a canvas cart aglow with candles in a freezing November night`s air at Ludlow Medieval Fayre, mesmerised by lights and bells and haunting melodies. My now 10 year old and I still annually listen to Stella Splendens, which still exerts as much power over him as any pop star does. More please! Downloadable mp3`s of course!

  3. Hi, I recently heard you Stella Splendens album and wondered if I could purchase a copy. If you could let me know how much
    and how I should pay. Thanks.

    Ralp d’Aarken

  4. I was with the flag party at the Walkern Magna Carta fair walking immediately behind you as you led us onto the field and I was mesmerised by your wonderful music. Will certainly be in touch when we have a function worthy of your talents.

    Knights Templar, England

    • Hi,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. What a lovey event Walkern was!
      I look forward to hearing from you if you think we can be of any help at any of your functions.

      Many Kind Regards,
      Nellie and Rick

  5. Hello!
    My daughter caught up with you at Lincoln Castle this weekend and chatted about our following you around the country when she and her sister were children.
    My particular favourite cassette was Plot to Playford, however it has worn out.
    Is there any way of getting it on another format?
    Best wishes and thank you for many wonderful afternoons with English Heritage!

  6. Hi there,
    I’ve had the privilege of seeing you several times at the Peterborough Heritage Festival and I was wondering if you will be coming to next year’s (2018). I do hope so as you are one of the highlights of the festival for me. At one of those events you sold me your Stella Splendens CD and as I see you have another couple of CDs I was also wondering if I could buy them as well.

  7. I hope your CDs become available at some point. I I have your casette “Stella Splendens” but basically nowhere to play it anymore!

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