Listen to our Music

We no longer sell our CDs but you can listen to a selection of tracks from your various recordings.  We hope you enjoy them!

Tracks from Haloriana, 16th Century music, (recorded 1992)

Ce Mois De Mai, Clement Janequi,

Spanish Pavan/Black Almain, Thoinot Arbeau 1589


Tracks from Stella Splendens, 14th and 15th Century music (recorded 1994)

Gratiosa,  Gugliemo Ebreo, Italy, 15th Century

Sexte Estampie Real – 14th Century French


Tracks from Empire Lines, 19th Century, (recorded 1994)

The Banks of the Dee, Tait 1775

La Capuccina/Cotillon, William Vickers 1770

One thought on “Listen to our Music

  1. When will you update your music with CDs again? I have a lonely cassette that needs to be updated before my cassette player dies!
    Sat in front of the fire listening to st George’s carol and thinking this is a beautiful combination but tapes don’t last!

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