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Hautbois are Rick and Nellie Heavisides.
They are a lively and talented duo that use music as a vehicle for historical entertainment.
They have worked for many years alongside English Heritage and National Trust and also appear at many other historical venues. They have made many appearances performing for television, radio, and films, weddings, concerts and schools. Visit our diary page to view events for this year.

Hautbois can perform a ‘Millennium of Music’ – from the Normans to the 1920’s. Click here to see the different presentations on offer.  Or if you need a Christmas theme look on our Xmas page.

The musicians use differing styles of performance to suit different types of events: They excel in a unique style of performance which balances a detailed knowledge of the given period in history with the presentation of the music but can command an audience equally well with incidental music or by running an historical dance event where they will teach the dances and play the music to accompany them. They are never afraid to tackle new ideas and always pay attention to detail in every aspect of their presentations.

They also enjoy working as part of a bigger team of performers and can interact with others, happily dove-tailing to give an event a feel of uniformity. They have frequently worked with dance groups, falconers, re-enactors, other musicians and actors to achieve a common goal.

The performances are made using a large selection of reproduction musical instruments, appropriate to the chosen period of history.

All the music played is thoroughly researched as appropriate for the historical period. Although every attention to historical accuracy is observed, the emphasis is upon keeping the show vital, informative and entertaining to all comers.

For outdoor performances, Hautbois can perform from a reproduction hand cart which provides a backdrop for the performance .  Look on our Outdoor page to learn more.